Some of the problems that exist in building a startup are the lack of community contained in a location. It makes people feel difficult when they want to build a team or find partners in an execution of ideas. One of the mistakes that make startup fails is because one hired someone on the team.

Not infrequently in a startup consists of two people who have similar abilities. This is certainly something that will cause problems. If you are someone who has an idea or idea you should find a partner who understands technical matters. One obvious example is how the partnership was built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak is a true technician, his dream is to build his own computer someday. While Steve Jobs is a businessman who has ideas, ideas, and a brilliant imagination.

Of the two people, it is one of the largest companies in the world of birth, Apple. Over time they continue to need various core members of their core team. One of the most famous is John Sculley, who previously worked for Pepsi and a specialist in marketing.

What happened to Jobs and Wozniak might be easier if it happened in the present. Where now many people who have knowledge and expertise from various fields, both from technical affairs, marketing, and finance. But there are almost the same problems of the day and the present. The problem is the absence of a place or environment that supports the gathering of people across multiple capabilities.

Maybe from you already often heard how there is a special forum for programmers or marketers. But unfortunately, until now there is no platform that connects between Developer, Programmer, and Investor. However, what is done Kepler Technologies is quite brilliant.

Kepler created a platform where they connect between developers, technicians, gold-smiths, advisors, and angel investors. In addition, they also provide additional facilities such as laboratory and legal support. Below is how this universe platform works:

  • Develeopers are someone who has an idea or idea. The idea is generally to solve an existing problem or improve the system that is currently working. People in this type usually have a high imagination but have limitations in terms of execution.
  • Technicians are those who have technical skills such as programmers, designers, architect, engineers, or anything else that requires technical skills. Later this technician not only filled by professionals but also can be filled by students in related majors, professionals, or experts in the field.
  • Advisors are people who already have experience in doing business before. The experience becomes a keyword for this category. A business that has good ideas and technical skills usually still need advice from people who have already done before especially in a business perspective. That is where the role of advisor to give advice, especially in business perspective.
  • Gold-smith is a person who has the expertise to take care of marketing and finance. This part is necessary because of course in addition to making a startup will get revenue, this section also makes the business more accountable so investors do not hesitate to inject funds later.
  • Angel investors are people who have funds to invest in later investors can be found from the internal environment of Kepler Technology or outside the environment Kepler Technologies.

Later Kepler Technologies will create a kind of universe where people gathered above. In addition, they also provide facilities such as laboratory and legal support. So a startup does not have to worry about copyright and patents on an idea and a business. Currently, Kepler Technologies is doing online crowdfunding, if you are interested please check at the links below:

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