Bank, a word that if everyone hears it will certainly have some views. Yes for some people Banks can look ‘beautiful’ because they are a source of funds that can fund their business. For them, banks can be an opportunity to build or develop their wealth.

For some others may feel reluctant or not interested in the banking world (maybe also early finance in general). For them, the Bank is the source of the problem. Because the Bank can confiscate the property they have collected over the years, or in the shadow of their bank interest is very unreasonable and can harm them.

Whatever you want to be which group, my goal here is not to force you to choose to be one of the above group. I just want to try to uncover interesting facts that I found.

In an article revealed by CNBC said that since 1980 the distance between the Rich and the Poor is getting worse. Maybe you’ve heard the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Maybe that sounds unfair, but yes that’s what happened.

In the article is written; “Overseen by French economist Thomas Piketty, the report drew on the work of more than 100 researchers in over 70 different countries. growth as the bottom half of the adult population, about 3.8 billion people “. Conversely, income growth has been 50 percent and top 1 percent, “the report said.

You can imagine, how lame the amount is. But here again, we want to try to uncover the facts than just blame one party.

Do you know that the majority of people who are categorized as poor are those who have no financial knowledge? Make them money is something they should look for and then they use to live. They do not think fortunately to build assets to then make the assets are making money for them. This is a big difference.

Unfortunately, one of the institutions that can assist them in building their own assets is the Bank. The bank is one of the gateways where you can get financial facilities such as loans, deposits, or guarantees for your property. They are all important things to build one’s wealth.

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This is what a company called Kora Network ( wants to accomplish. Kora Network tries to provide a service where the service will solve the problem especially for people who are currently not served by the existing banking system.

To be honest this is a simple but not an easy step. And one thing we like about Kora Network ( is that with all the technology built on blockchain technology, they are not trying to replace existing technology or concepts. But they try to strengthen what has been there but has not been done optimally. For us, it will sound more realistic than reforming any concepts, technology, or maybe the industry that is currently running.

For those of you who are interested in the solution, you can visit the website below:

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