Have you ever thought in today’s technological Era everything turns digital? The music originally in the form of cassettes / vynil, now can be enjoyed through an mp3 file or another file format. Even, you can just listen directly from your gadget that is already connected with music services like iTunes or Spotify.

The book formerly is binding pieces of paper in one unit, then given cover. Now you only need to access it in PDF format. The same things happened with college assignments, presentations, and other things can be found in digital form.

This certainly takes effect in the related industries. Formerly, if you want to write a book you need to make a script submitted to the publisher, then get certainty whether accepted or not. The next process, the article needs an editor and layout to ensure the selection of words and book layout according to the standard.

Now, if you want to write your own book, you just need to write your book. If you need the services of editors, layouts, or designs you can hire a lot of freelancers the internet. There are so many choices with affordable prices. After your article and cover are complete, you just sell it on Kindle, iTunes, or Playstore. Very easy. The same thing happened if you want to make your music or song.

At first, these innovations are many pros and cons especially related to piracy. But today, solutions have found, where the current content providers of online content providers such as Kindle, iTunes, and PlayStore are now available. They do not share the .pdf files directly, but they provide a platform to facilitate users in reading books online. Their content can only be accessed through their apps, so they may be able to charge fees which can then be distributed as royalties to the author.

You can imagine in the future you do not need to move between countries for only go to college. Just do it from your country, furthermore, broadband network all over the world began increasing its quality in every country. When you apply for a job, you can show an online certificate that validates your graduation of certain college.

Online Certificate and Validation

Currently, many of the industries and organizations are already implementing certificates and online validation. The most common form, of course, is the creation of username and password in every website. But we also need more private and more valuable validations like signature validation, certificates, and other validations.

So far we know, for validation like this companies or organizations still need human power, where the validation is done manually by checking the validity of documents, photos or certificates. But no doubt, in the future there must be a replacement solution that can update this way of validation.

One of them is what is done by e-chain.id. This platform develops Digital Signature, Validating, Certification. They use the blockchain technology that one of product we often hear today, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the virtual world currency that utilizes blockchain technology. Then how the working principle of this blockchain system and how its application in the digital world?

Lite Eco Ledger Elements (LELE) logo – e-chain.id 

Simple Blockchain Explanation

If you are an investor or have accessed financial statements on a bank site, you can easily access financial reports through their website. Or you can go to one of the branches and ask for it. Is the report a true financial statement? The content is indeed yes, but the actual financial statements must be stored in a ledger (can be interpreted also as a central system, not literally a big book) owned by that bank. What we receive is called Public Distributed Ledger. That is a replicated, shared, and synced ledger that is spread geographically across multiple sites, countries, or institutions. You can get the report through that bank, Central Bank, or Stock Exchange where the bank is listing. And the data are same.

e-chain.id developed an identical principle whereby they developed Digital Certificates using blockchain technology where only those required could access the digital diploma. Some of the advantages include secure security, digital signatures (encrypted) that ensure validation, detailed information, transparency (avoidance of corruption), allow additional contours, and more cost savings.

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