Hello friends! I am pleased to learn news related to various events in the world of cryptocurrency! Now I have the opportunity to meet quite interesting and promising projects, which is relevant in any country on the planet. As you probably know, progress does not stand still and gradually different technologies are employed in our daily lives.

Urbanization on one side is transparent, but on the other hand, this process is striking for its speed and magnitude. It determines the new living conditions and naturally, there are often some problems, particularly in the overcrowded cities of the world. I think that it’s not required to explain that contemporary man spends hours on time at the impure traffic.

Wasting time on the road to work and back, but that is not all we encounter virtually daily. Even if you’re lucky now and you’re not late, it is very often a difficulty arises when people just can not find a free Parking place. Familiar, concur?

Fortunately, we arrived at the rescue of jobs like PARKGENE, designed to facilitate rather than so simple motorist and pedestrian lives.

PARKGENE is a progressive solution of our time, which can be used as physical persons and legal entities. According to different reports, Parking business is about a hundred million dollars per year, but the worldwide problem of this industry segment can be found in the fact that Parking is chaotic and disjointed. Really! Income increases, people will receive good service, and residing in the city will be a lot simpler and more convenient! All works well.

PARKGENE aims to maximize all stages of Parking and bring this company to a new, modern and high quality. As a payment for the service to be used by an internal token platform, it is called a GEN token. Tokens will be incorporated and available for direct payments from your telephone, enabling drivers to utilize also to enjoy high-quality solutions.

It is very simple. Drivers search for Parking places, “agree” with the owner of the Parking lot and throughout the program on your mobile phone reserved the location and then cover this service, based upon the tariff. To be able to avert a variety of contentious issues or scenarios of conflict by reserving space Parking automatically starts “smart contract” that the PARKGENE endeavor on Ethereum blockchain, which is publicly accessible. For chosen services, PARKGENE programs take a particular amount of your own pocket in GEN and transfer token wallets, in the event the consumer does not have sufficient funds in the account.

It is going to also be available for payment of services with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ether. On a positive facet of user interaction with the last PARKGENEне project. After successful backup through this program, the driver becomes easy accessibility. It’ll be available to open the garage door directly from your mobile phone, and the passengers parking lot will control the entrance and exit of the vehicle, which greatly enhances the protection of your car or truck.

All this at a really competitive price. It’s not the whole range that can supply this platform, but just a portion of it. On a positive aspect of user interaction with the final PARKGENEне project.

After successful backup by means of this program, the driver gets easy access. It will be available to open the garage door directly from your cell phone, and the Owners parking lot will probably restrain the inside and out of the automobile, which considerably enhances the protection of your vehicle. All this in a very aggressive cost. It is not the whole range that could offer this system, but only a portion of it.

On a positive aspect of user interaction with the final PARKGENEне project. After successful backup by means of this application, the driver gets easy accessibility. It will be accessible to start the garage door straight from your cell phone, and also the Owners parking lot will restrain the in and outside of the automobile, which greatly enhances the protection of your car or truck. All this in a really competitive cost. It’s not the whole range that can supply this system, but only a fraction of it.

Since what will raise the price of all GEN coins?

GEN tokens are released in limited amounts, or to be more precise, 1 000 000 000 GEN tokens. Demand due to the prospects of usage from modern platforms that are innovative gives reason to anticipate demand for drivers, services, and will participate in important partner projects.

Professional Staff and Tech Work

I believe that effective and workable ideas encouraged by professionals are key to the success of any undertaking. The project team has made a significant contribution to the evolution of contemporary technology which may be improved internationally and also to make a prosperous business. PARKGENE based on MVP is a mechanism or approach to the building business, which is already available in Europe and North America. So far, the amount of regular users is over 45,000 thousand.

The experienced and ambitious team of current platforms is their own vision strategy on how all of this should and may be put into place.
Platform Assets supported by the Ethereum blockchain
Name — GEN
Token standard ERC20
Payment obtained in Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, Litecoin and USD
Available through the earnings period, which, incidentally, is now
General token sales date available from 15 January 2018
so as to take part in online, and receive marks from the platform, each user must register and create an account to the official website.

Roadmap project PARKGENE:

PARKGENE job and advisory staff:

If after reading my article you are interested in this project, which I think is worth knowing, like most people, it is possible to visit the official website of the undertaking and to read the technical documentation. Hope you made the right decision and supported this beautiful project! Good luck.

For more information, please visit link below :

Official Site : https://parkgene.io/
Whitepaper : https://parkgene.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Whitepaper_FINAL_V.18.1.pdf
Bitcointalk Thread : https://parkgene.io/btctalk
Twitter : https://twitter.com/PARKGENE1
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/parkgene.token/
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/11353798/
Telegram : https://t.me/parkgene
Medium : https://medium.com/@parkgene/


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