One of the reasons why someone is lazy to invest in cryptocurrency is because of the impracticality of the current process. If you have long been deeper cryptocurrency, maybe you already know how to save, invest, and sell your coins.

For those of you who have not, we will try to give a brief description here. To enclose your digital assets (either in the form of coins or tokens) you need a wallet that is compatible with your asset type. There are 2 types of wallets are quite familiar to use the BTC Wallet and ETH Wallet. In addition to these two names, there are many other wallets. Then if you want to sell your asset (coin/token) you need to sign up for a site that provides exchange services to your preferred fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR, or currency in your country).

In this exchange service later you can withdraw to the currency of your choice of fiat. With the current process, making transactions cryptocurrency becomes longer and impractical. Some experts say cryptocurrency has a future on condition that there must be something that simplifies the complex processes that occur today.
One of them is what is done by Darico, where they provide a wallet that is connected directly with the exchange market. So if when you as a holder of digital assets decide to buy or sell your digital assets, you do not have to bother moving money from the wallet to the exchange of your choice.

In addition, Darico also has another feature where Darico issued a debit card, where you can use your digital assets directly using the debit card. This certainly greatly simplifies the existing process so far. What has happened so far is to spend in the real world, digital asset holders need to convert the digital asset into fiat currency. After that, they can just shop using their fiat money.

Darico: Security to Portfolio Management.

Currently, there are several options for you to store your digital assets, call it the name of wallets like Coinnomi, Bitgo, Jaxx, CoinSpace, and other wallets. Then what makes a wallet from Darico (Gnius) is different from other wallets?

The first is security. Darico in providing their own wallet is very concerned about security. One of them is to provide Two-Factor-Authentication, where the wallet can be opened with verification on applications such as Google Authenticator installed on the device owner wallet. This is one of the safeguards with a higher level when compared with other method authentication such as a password.

For advanced experience, Darico also developed a system where it is possible to integrate wallet hardware. This allows users to have their funds safe in a cold storage that is considered the highest level of security.

The second advantage is both as a place of buying and selling. As explained earlier, this can simplify the process that has been running. This process feels too complex and wastes a lot of time. With the Darico wallet (Gnius) will make the process more concise and fast.

And other advantages are equipped with Portfolio Management. This allows users to monitor the value of their assets either the value of a coin or overall in accordance with the composition of the portfolio of assets owned by the user. In it will be provided a pie chart that describes the proportion of the portfolio of each user itself.

Sneak Peek of Darico

Darico is a startup that started its activities in early 2016. Various processes from concept formulation, ecosystem formation, token sale and wallet launch have been done. To know about Darico you can visit the link provided below:

Official Site:
Whitepaper: Read Here


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