Have you ever wondered what the rich do to keep them rich? Maybe you sometimes feel god unfair, as if the rich people have no difficulty or do not feel what you feel right now. Believe me, they are just like you. They feel hungry when they have not eaten. Feeling sleepy during sleep deprivation, and feeling bored with things that are routine. One of the differences between super-rich people and you may be they can do what you can not do. Hahaha, it’s just kidding.

But what I say is not entirely just a joke. There are some things that can only be done by super rich people, in this case, have money and assets that many. One of them is investing in a very expensive asset such as housing, apartment, or supercar.

Super-car? Sounds foreign is not it? Is not supercar just a form of a lifestyle of the rich only? Yes, that’s what most people know. In fact, supercars and classic cars have a high investment value. In fact, from existing data and surveys Supercar and classic cars have a higher increase of stocks and properties every year. You do not believe? Let’s discuss the data.

I use existing data because I do not want my writing to be based solely on opinion. With valid data, we can get an insight and reliable information. And in the end, we can decide what we should do later.

Data collected in 2015 from several sources such as Artnet, Bloomberg, Cambridge Associates, Historic Automobile group, and Frank Knight states that the return of an asset portfolio of US stocks is 17% per annum for a period of 3 years. As for return from a Private Equity in the US is about 14.5% per year for 3 years investment.

Okay, now do you know how much is the value added of a Supercar or Classic Car? of data obtained by the Historic Automobile Group says that the increase in investment value for supercars and classic cars is 25.3%. Of course, the value is very much when compared with 2 previous investment instruments. Not to mention the increase in the ownership of supercars and classic cars that are directly proportional to the increase in the number of millionaires that exist today certainly makes liquidity of this asset more smoothly.

Unfortunately, this asset has a relatively expensive price. We take the example of one of the supercar Bugatti Veyron output in 2007 in January 2013 has a value of approximately USD 1,125,000, -. And in September 2017 its value rose to USD 1,625,000, -. Prices and hikes are fantastic, aren’t they?

So what if you have not been able to buy a supercar but have a desire to invest in the instrument? The good news is that there is an investment platform called Bitcar (https://bitcar.io/). Bitcar raises funds to be allocated to assets in the form of supercars and classic cars. In other words, you can say you allocate your funds to get Supercar but only a small part (just according to your ability). A small portion of the Supercar is owned by another investor just as you are. Later Supercar and Mobilklasik will be stored and on display and if one day the value of the Supercar increases, then who will feel is the investor itself.

How it works Bitcar is actually somewhat similar to what is done by Mutual Funds in the stock market. If mutual funds raise funds for an investment manager to allocate the collected funds to a portfolio of assets in the capital market (whether in the form of stocks, bonds, or options), Bitcar allocates the funds collected to the Supercar as an Underlying Asset.

Currently, you can join the fundraising by Bitcar which is still ongoing until 20 April 2018. Secure your slot for your investment, see details here:

Official Site: https://bitcar.io/
Whitepaper: https://bitcar.io/data/BitCar%20Whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitcar_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitcar.io
Telegram: https://t.me/bitcar_io


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