So far cryptocurrency has been successful enough to provide things in the real world like payments, trading, and investments. What can be done in the real world can also be implemented in the world of crypto. However, in today’s world, Cryptocurrency still needs some things to match what the financial system is doing in the real world today. One is how people can make loans.

In the real world if someone needs money for either personal needs or to finance the business they are doing they will go to the bank to apply for the loan they need. Moreover lately people can apply for a loan through smartphone apps that you can get on Playstore (though actually, it is a bank product anyway). Unfortunately in the world of crypto today there is no institution or company that can provide loans.

Unfortunately, there is no platform that can accommodate the needs of cryptocurrency. For example for trading needs sometimes you may need funds. If you make a loan to the bank for that purpose, the bank usually asks your collateral or may even refuse your borrowing objectives. Especially in some countries, cryptocurrency is still considered as a business that only contains risks, as if without any opportunity in it.

Opportunities in the Exchange Lending Platform Business

In a research in 2017 mentioned that 2 trillion USD of debt and securities lent, and of that amount generates revenues of not less than 4 billion USD. What a fantastic number for an industry. And currently, in the world of cryptocurrency alone there are more than 500 billion USD coins in circulation.

With such an amount of no wonder, borrowing-borrowing business is still quite a lot of enthusiasts, even this business is relatively never will die given the human need for money as a means of exchange for the necessities of life. The real evidence is that every year the bank is always innovating to provide new services in lending services. Innovation is done in the way of lending, interest offered, cashback, or other bonuses.

But what is done by a platform called LendingBlock ( is enough to replace the need for institutions providing loan funds. Lendingblock are essentially exchange platforms that connect between borrowers and lenders. Borrowers are people who need loans to finance their needs, whether for personal or business. While lenders are people who have excess funds and decide to lend money. Lendingblock took the initiative to build an infrastructure where it can facilitate the economic growth in the world of crypto.

This is a smart solution where LendingBlock is not the institution that provides the loan itself. Rather it provides a platform for exchanges that connects between parties who want to borrow funds and those who want to lend funds. This way the borrower will be helped by the availability of funds for their needs. While from the side lenders will gain interest in the form of interest in accordance with the terms of the loan.

What the Lendingblock built basically has 2 basic principles. The first is connecting between lenders and some prospective borrowers. And the second is smart contract implementation in terms of the lending process itself which includes initial transfer, interset, collateral management default processing and repayment.

Later in this platform borrowers can come as individuals and as businesses and borrow digital assets to support trading, capital funding, or the need for investment funding. In terms of lenders will certainly get a transparent return with the principle of “best rate, first date”. Transactions are also guaranteed safe. That’s why Lendingblock is made.

How The Scheme to Overcome The Differences in Digital Assets Used?

With very high volatility in cryptocurrency, of course, this can make a problem. For example when lenders want to lend digital assets that they have in the form of a number of Bitcoin, but borrowers apparently require in Ethereum form. Then how the interest calculation is done? whether with Bitcoin or in Ethereum?

To overcome this, Lendingblock will issue a token itself to resolve the issue. The token is named LND token. LND will be used as a reference in determining the interest as well as medium in borrowing and borrowing. Lendingblock will be issued token as many as 1,000,000,000 tokens. With the following allocations:

Currently, Lendingblock are in a period of ICO where you can get LND tokens as a form of investment and gain capital gain later. In terms of money companies that collect will be used for development both from the operational side and strategic company, for more details please check here:

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