During this time the biggest difficulty in the cryptocurrency world is still around the connection between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This problem is the root of all existing problems.

From a problem that was born a derivative problem, among others, the loss of the matter of cost and time wasted.

You can see this happen in the practicality of the current process, where they have to move money from their bank account to the available exchange market if they want to invest in the crypto market.

Not to mention if a coin or token instrument that they think is quite valuable is not traded in the exchange they use today. They were forced to move it to another exchange.

With additional costs and time wasted of course.

Wasted fees consist of withdrawal fees charged by the exchange, even some exchanges also apply fees for deposits.

Other losses that may arise are the loss of the moment during the transaction.

In the world of trading, time is a very valuable entity. A token or coin can change its price in just minutes.

And if investors have to wait for the money they have to enter their exchange account, it is not impossible if they will lose a moment at a certain price.

This is A Heavy Problem, But Not Impossible to Be Solved

Integration is a problem that has always occurred since ancient times. This happens because of the need for a transition period between systems that have been used with a new system that has many differences.

Call it in the telecommunications industry we used to face the problem of integration between cable phones and cell phones. There are also GSM and CDMA networks.

Generally, there are 2 popular things to solve this. The first is interconnection the second is One Stop Service.

Interconnection is a system or protocol that tolerates differences between one system and another. As a simple example, you can withdraw cash money from ATMs which are not the banks where you save money right?

Yes, the bank that you use establishes a partnership with another bank so that they benefit from using another bank’s ATM machine by their customers. Vice versa.

And the more interconnection here is getting easier because there are a number of services that make integration easier, such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, or Amex.

Cryptocurrency is Not Legal in All Countries

The bad news is that cryptocurrency is not yet legal in many countries. Only a few countries give little flexibility.

This makes interconnection options difficult to run. Because the availability of both parties is a need for in the interconnection. And it must benefit both parties as well.

The existence of an institution that provides all financial services from the start of bank functions (savings and loan distribution), investment, insurance, and other financial services is another option.

Ingot Coin tries to solve this problem with his concept on their ICO.

Overview of Ingot Coin

Ingot Coin tries to create a system in same with a financial institution did.

The difference is, what they build is in the overall digital investment.

Their services include:
• IC Digital Bank
• Ingot Coin Digital Wallet
• IC Brokerage
• Ingot Coin Exchange
• Ingot Coin Crypto Certifier
• Initial Coin Offering Accelerator

The main purpose of what Ingot Coin does is to create connectivity in an ecosystem.

The ecosystem will create an ecosystem in the crypto world that will facilitate integration into the real world. You can visit their ICO here.

With the many instruments in cryptocurrency currently registered in several exchange markets, what Ingot Coin do will facilitate overall integration.

Ingot Coin ICO can be accessed in here. For more detailed information please visit the official link below:

Official Site: https://www.ingotcoin.io/
Whitepaper: Read Here
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICOINGOT/
Telegram: https://t.me/INGOTCoin

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