Since the boom experienced by Bitcoin last year, the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. One thing that is quite visible is the number of ICOs that have sprung up. Many startups make ICO an option in funding the business they need.

This is a good development for the world of cryptocurrency, especially since ICO has started ogled as a solution to invest and become a funding company. If this continues, the position of cryptocurrency will be increasingly equivalent to the fiat currency going forward.

But it also creates new problems. Because of the increasing number of ICO participants, of course as investors we are required to know which ICO is really profitable in the future. In addition, we must also be more alert to some ICO which is a mere scam.

Even some ICO that I found is an ICO that does not have a clear business structure and roadmap. Perhaps this ICO is not a scam, because indeed they run as a company even registered legally. But in business, they still do not have good fundamentals. If more and more ICO participants like this, then in the future this can make ICO is just a place to raise money but not a good investment place.

The importance of business fundamentals is because the business itself is like a collateral owned by the company. Companies like borrow money owned by investors and share their asset ownership (in this case their own tokens) in accordance with the portion of the investment. If they do not have a good business, what happens is that the tokens they own will not have much interest.

And in accordance with supply-demand theory, if the shortage of demand and supply enough then the price will be lower. That is the future that will make investors will feel aggrieved because the valuation of assets (token) that they have will decrease. Unfortunately, there are still many investors who think that cryptocurrency can have prices rise and fall by itself in the exchange market. This is a serious problem.

Even today there is a startup that does have the vision to solve the problem. The startup is named IconiqLab ( This startup looks for some companies or platforms that have the potential to do ICO. They are looking for startups that have the potential to resolve current issues. Next they will do coaching in streamlining their business, funding, assisting in refining business and marketing affairs, taking care of legal issues and connecting them to investors.

There are currently several businesses that follow the Accelarator Program from IconiqLab. Call it names like Vreo, Brain Cities, Global Based, Wunder, and TOPL. Their goal is to create a truly valuable company in business, not just a company that makes ICO the ultimate goal. In addition, they also bridge the investors by issuing ICNQ tokens, which will be token tokens to participate in IconiqLab Presale. Holders of the ICNQ club membership token graduates of the Iconiq Lab ICO accelerator program, as well as have access to exclusive community content and research.

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