Nowadays has so many methods of doing a job from home. You (or your child) can start with a simple task like take a survey from home. Especially, for you who live in a country like the US, Canada, and the US.

This method work because some of the corporations need data from their costumer, so they start to collect data from surveys available to the public. They will use the data for the strategic purpose of their company. Or for the products they have.

Each survey usually has a value of $ 10-20, but some surveys also offer a larger price of vouchers. Like a $ 1000 visa voucher or Amazon Gift Card for $ 100
If you are interested you can start filling out the surveys available below (we will try to always update this surveys) :

1. PS4 vs. Xbox One – by One Field
2. Get a $1000 Visa Card – by One Field
3. Amazon Gift Card – One Field
4. Get a $1000 Visa Card – One Field
5. iSurveyWorld
6. iPhone 6 – One Field
7. Apple Watch – One Field
8. Get an iPhone 6s – One Field

Make sure you fill the question with an honest answer and valid data (valid email, address, zip code). Because those data will use for send or contact you to deliver the rewards.


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