For those of you who often do transactions in a marketplace or a website you may have experienced a classic problem such as feeling lazy to register if you do not have an account, forgot your username or password, even you also forget which email you use to register on the site so the “Forget Password “is a little less helpful.

This problem is actually not just happening in the online world only. Maybe you have registered a bank, insurance, hotel stay, immigration affairs or other activities that require you to complete all the data yourself. Worse yet, the institution that asks for your data needs to validate the data you provide which is not uncommon it takes a long time. The time you wasted a few hours even a few days.

This problem is quite reasonable, given the new digital era runs less than 4 decades. Humans do usually have complexes at the beginning of discovery, but as the times progress, they will usually accompany some changes that simplify the process. In the same way, people used to hunt for food, then they had to collect firewood to cook food, then they could enjoy their food. But now you can order food from your favorite restaurant, and ask them to deliver it to your home.

Same is the case with this authorization issue. This problem is not really a complex issue, it’s just that the process takes too long and feels a waste of time. The good news is that there is a startup that has the vision to simplify the process. The startup is named Velix.ID ( ).

Velix.ID is a startup that has the vision to simplify the authorization process. In fact, more than $ 100 billion is issued worldwide each year just for identity verification. The number is quite fantastic, given the greater the existing business will be the greater the customers and stakeholders involved. That means there will be more data that needs to be verified, and in the end, it will increase company costs.

Then whether only the company that benefits? Certainly not. Precisely this will make it easier for consumers, especially in terms of saving time. Imagine if you have a platform where the data you store in it is already verified and if you are going to register with a company or an institution you just need to show your own ID on that platform, and you are considered verified. Of course, this will make you faster in undergoing all the process.

Another advantage for consumers is the security of this technology built on blockchain technology. That means the data you have is not just in a database center but spread across multiple database centers, so it will make your data relatively more secure for a misuse of data. The last case that happened recently is a social media leaked data where there are various data users ranging from names, temples, other valuable data. This happens because of the data stored in a data center. With blockchain technology the user data is stored in several separate data centers in an encrypted public ledger, so your data will be stored more securely.

The data you store in Velix.ID not only can be used for business on the internet, but also in institutions such as finance, hotels, or government later. For more details please check the link below:

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