In the previous article has been mentioned how the AI industry can create an incredible opportunity for various industries. but of course also will arise other problems, especially when the initial preparation of raw data into a dataset required human labor.

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This opportunity is utilized by Dbrain ( Dbrain is basically a platform built on blockchain technology, where it connects between raw data owners, labelers (crowd workers), data scientists, and companies as users of AI technologies for both commercial and corporate operations.

Simply put, Dbrain’s goal is to convert existing data into data that can be used in the AI world.

For crowd workers, this is a new way of making money. They will make money by supervising and doing the task of labeling raw data before it becomes a dataset. As for AI developers, of course, this will facilitate them in terms of human energy efficiency, especially in the stage of labeling data. In addition AI developers will also be facilitated by the amount of data available by various data owners who come from various fields.
In the process of each stage is as follows, the data owner upload and store data on the available platform. The data is raw data which has not been done labeling or data validation.

Furthermore, crowd workers will do the labeling and validate data available. In this process must be done by a competent human power. That is a challenge for platform owners.
If you’ve done the labeling process, the next process is to train existing datasets and build artificial intelligence applications. It is at this stage that AI developers work. And with Dbrain, AI developers are alleviated because it only needs to focus on the application development stage only.

Once the application is completed, the company as a business entity can use the application or make additional requests regarding the features or functions of the application.

Then How Crowdworker Will Be Paid?

Dbrain is built on a technology called Ethereum Blockchain. Later the crowd worker will be paid using a cryptocurrency in accordance with what they do and written in smart contracts. They are entitled to use them directly or exchange fiat currency.

This system can secure thousands of transactions every second so that each party involved can directly check whether the payment has been paid or not. Later rewards will be paid with Dbrain coins (DBR).

What are the Products of Dbrain itself?

Currently, Dbrain has launched 3 flagship products. Among others :

  • Web application, on this web application crowdworker, will perform identification and labeling via PC or laptop device.
  • Telegram Bot, on the telegram bot crowdworker can do the labeling and identification via telegram bot and can do it via their smartphone
  • Mobile apps, in the mobile apps crowdworker can do a more detailed identification because in mobile apps many types of data entities such as GPS coordinates, images, audio, video, acceleration that can only be used via smartphone

Dbrain himself is actively conducting Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or fundraising for their strategic, operational, and service development needs. If you are interested please visit the link below:

Official Site:

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