Sensor data is the output of a device that detects and responds to several types of inputs from the physical environment. This system can provide information or enter information to other systems, or it can be used to guide a process.

While one of the first markets to receive data sensor transactions is Databroker DAO, with the service name lot sensor data. The Databroker DAO launch is expected to unleash the creativity of its users by using sensor data to facilitate the conversion of service ideas into a value-added service.

The platform also utilizes a decentralized market system using Blockchain, DataBroker
DAO allows the sensor owners to convert the resulting data into a data stream. This will open up more opportunities for various industries. Data can be used and become more effective.

Blockchain is the advantage of every technology developer platform. Every transaction will be protected in such a way as to avoid things that are not desirable. Data security will be well maintained.

Then, on what sectors DAO Databroker can be applied?

  • Manufacturing and Natural Resources
  • Transportation
  • Governance
  • City to build a smart city
  • Agriculture

To facilitate transactions on this platform, Databroker DAO creates a token service named,
DTX tokens. This customized Token with RC20 will be useful as a credit to buy and sell sensor data. The number of tokens to be issued until the year 2024 reached 225 million.

Databroker DAO and ICO

In March this Databroker is doing Pre-sale on its homemade tokens, there will be 50% pre-sale bonus for the lucky ones. This step is done within the framework of ICO, a fundraiser to develop the platform and introduce Databroker tokens on the crypto market to exist and be accepted by investors, so they will buy a number of tokens launched Databroker DAO. Stability of token value will be an important assessment when the company is conducting ICO.

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