Blockchain technology is growing, its adoption in various fields began to be done. One of them is what Skychain, a startup company, did in applying Blockchain to the development of their infrastructure.

Sykychain ( is a “distributed open network” project designed for the purpose of accurately diagnosing patients and prescribing highly effective treatments. This platform utilizes the development of Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence systems (a.k.a AI) in the development of today’s health industry.

Skychain wants to save 10 million patients from the risk of premature death caused by an uncertain level of medical error.

Medical error is the 3rd largest factor that occurs over death. For example, when doctors perform analysis on X-ray photos, and they fail to diagnose early lungs cancer, then it will be a fatal mistake. This will certainly be very beneficial for the medical industry, especially in medical problems. Because it can reduce the number of deaths due to minor errors.

The Skychain project was created with the aim of solving medical problems with the Blockchain principle. Individuals (doctors and patients) will also be undertaken in the project development process.

Skychain can also be used to build a distributed training system quickly. IBM estimates that Al’s market or artificial intelligence in the field of medicine has now reached $ 200 billion per year, for the last few years.

The purpose of this platform is to take the opportunity in the market. And the way to achieve its goal is to create the best health infrastructure.

Because Skychain is a project based on Blockchain technology, and also trying to build
an open infrastructure, this making very possible for Skychain to make his own homemade token. The token that is currently being launched has the symbol SCH.

Then, what is the advantage of using Skychain token?

When you have some amount of SCH tokens, then you can easily enjoy all the services offered by this company. Moreover, you can use the SCH token to trade in a cryptocurrency exchange that provides space for SCH sales.

Skychain and the ICO

Skychain is currently conducting ICOs or raising funds to develop its infrastructure development based on Blockchain technology.

The initial sale of the Skychain token officially commences on December 18, 2017, and will run until January 7, 2018. During this period, Skycoin will be sold at a 50% discount. Prior to ICO, Skychain’s representatives would speak at eight or more major crypto conferences around the world.

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