Blockchain technology is currently known as a digital data recording program and has been widely used by various sectors. All good financial or non-financial industries can implement Blockchain to record all of their company data into a very secure system without the need for a centralized server.

Bitcoinus is one of the platforms developed based on Blockchain technology. This platform offers services for e-commerce can make transactions using cryptocurrency.

Creation of Bitcoinus looks at the very slow e-commerce transaction issues and the high cost that causes the e-commerce business to be inhibited. Here Bitcoinus provides solutions by changing the way interactions on the company’s internal systems by enabling special operations based on Blockchain. That way the transaction will be very safe.

The platform created by Bitcoinus will provide 2 features as the main solution for e-commerce business, namely:

  1. Create a payment gateway for 100 cryptocurrencies that will be integrated with the Bitcoinus platform.
  2. Providing online payment services. The Bitcoinus platform will allow for those active in the online business to receive altcoin as a means of transaction.

The Making and Use of Bitcoinus Tokens

In order to develop the Bitcoinus platform, they have set up tokens to support their transaction activities, namely BITS. This token is based on standard ERC20 and has been made as many as 65,000,000 BITS token.

Where can I get the token? You can participate to be with Bitcoinus, you can join by sending Ethereum to the destination address. And if you will be joined, then Bitcoinus will issue BITS at the price of 0001 ETH / BITS which will then be sent directly to your ETH wallet.

Bitcoinus and ICO

Right in January 2018, Bitcoinus is conducting ICO for the development of Blockchain technology on its transaction system. For the development of the platform, Bitcoinus raised funds through the sale of BITS tokens. Total token provided reaches 65 million BITS. Bitcoinus token sales have been done since January 15, 2015, and will run until May 10, 2018.

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