As one of the hottest issues of the AI industry is concerned about how this industry can reduce the available employment opportunities for experts. The concern is grounded because the assumption that circulates in today’s society AI is a kind of system that seems to have the same brain performance with humans.

The assumption may not be entirely correct. Because technology is essentially artificial intelligence is a collection of data that has been grouped (labeling) based on the category of data. The more and more valid the data available, the AI program will be more complex.

If you’ve grouped the dataset earlier, or commonly called datasets, it will be linked to another category that has a relation. How it works is almost similar to a corporate information system only the existing scope becomes larger.
For example, in a company’s information system is available the type of data entity in the form of “Employee.” In the entity “Employee” inside is the fastest group of smaller data called “Attributes.” In this attribute as an example is the name of employees, positions, departments, basic salaries, benefits and other data.

Information systems certainly connect one entity with another entity. For example, connecting “Worker” entity with “Branch Office” or “Employee Achievement” entity. Even in Industry AI is similar. It’s just that in one industry, of course, the available entity will be bigger.

Will Manpower Really Be Unnecessary in AI Technology Later?

Back to the problem, actually in AI technology development will actually involve various parties. Because true AI technology is a system automation of repetition that happened many times. Therefore, various parties should be involved primarily to know the behavior and role of each party.

AI technology will certainly not run without supervision. Because there are times when some cases that occur do not have data stored on the server owned by the AI application developers are concerned. This will certainly be very risky.
The role of AI will be focused on things that can be categorized as identification. Because if done by human labor too, this identification also often experience mistakes both because of human error and inadequate knowledge. For that computer, in this case AI technology, is considered to did better than what is done by humans.

Opportunities that appear in Industry AI
But actually, there is also an open opportunity for the existence of this AI industry. As we know in the development of an application of artificial intelligence (AI), it takes a lot of raw data. In the future data provider opportunities from an industry will be even greater. Not to mention the opportunities of the companies that require validation of raw data available.

This is what Dbrain, a company that bridges between Data Owner, Crowdworker, AI Developers, and the Company as the primary user of AI products. Dbrain makes it easy for AI Developer to build an artificial intelligence system by receiving and storing data from Data Owner. The next process will be validated by Crowdworker. At this stage, crowdworker will be labeling or grouping data into a particular entity.

With Dbrain, the work process of AI Developer will be more simple. Due to AI Developers only need to use data that is ready and valid. If there is no valid data, AI Developer can request to the required data.

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