Maybe some of you don’t know exactly what is the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence (read: AI) or maybe you have heard and have a poor understanding of AI itself?

What’s AI?  Could it be a PC program? A robot?  Or a project to master the planet as we frequently see in box office movies?  Actually, it isn’t wrong, but it is not completely true either.

Artificial Intelligence is a zone of research, applications, and instructions related to computer programming to do something in the human eye it is smart (H. A. Simon [1987]), you may even interpret AI as the way to make computers do things at the moment can be done better as humans. Currently, the implementation of AI has started in several business sectors, retail, health, tourism, even government. With AI, there are lots of benefits that an organization may gain.

Do you feel that it sounds too sophisticated or feels being fantasized? All you have to know is, this technology isn’t just in the phase of research alone, but already from the application to businesses. Research carries on be done to improve a few of the functions or components required by the business or organization concerned.

robots with AI for e-commerce industries

For example, the online retail business giant Amazon in 2016 already employs approximately 55,000 units of bots in day-to-day operations. Then why the development of AI is fast? Probably the easiest answer is efficiency.

With AI we may conduct many functions which may be done by humans. In addition to AI, the collected data become more valid because it isn’t accompanied by different error cases brought on by humans. Faster time and price, naturally, is also considered by organizations in utilizing AI as an alternate.

Then how the way implementation of AI in the field of education and training? When there’s one firm named BitSchool ( in which system of training using artificial intelligence. They’ve systems where the learning of every learner has a different way of adapting their behavior. Then how can this system do it?  Everything begins with the mapping of the individual both from the faculty and the learner.

There is going to be an assessment phase, that will produce a data named PLC Personal Learning Checklist) in which it’s meant To find which model fits best between the tutor and the learner. Following PLC is generated, then the AI system is likely to make the plan in accordance with the information which has been collected. Following the plan is presented, the teacher going to make a mini-assessment of the student to know which part was mastered by the student and which part has not. And in the final stage, there is going to be a learning video which may be adapted for each student. Which implies that the video isn’t the Exact Same video, but a video where every student has methods, materials to learn, and different tests tailored to the ability that has been mapped in the preceding phase.

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