For you may now often hear how lucrative investment in a cryptocurrency asset. Coin name names such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple may have often you hear. Basically investment in cryptocurrency is not much different from the investments that exist in other assets. Investments in cryptocurrency also have potential risks that are proportional to the potential return available. The classic investment law that says “high risk, high return, low risk, low return” is true. Included in this cryptocurrency.

One of the highlights in the investment of cryptocurrency is the volatility level that cryptocurrency has at a high enough level. For example, in 2017 one currency or currency in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, experienced the highest value of 20,000 USD. Whereas in early 2017 the value of cryptocurrency is still around 900 USD. Surely for traders or speculators is quite interesting, where they can get a profit margin from the difference between the rise and fall of bitcoin prices.

Another advantage that can be felt by investors is the fact that cryptocurrency is not owned by a particular country that makes no political or economic element of a country affect the value of the cryptocurrency itself. What can influence it is purely on the law of demand and supply of a currency itself.

For those of you who ask when is the best time to start, honestly, I think the best time to start is about 5 years ago. Where it was still the beginning of the development of cryptocurrency. You can imagine if in 2013 you have a bitcoin of 1 BTC which then only worth 13 USD, then at the end of 2017 yesterday you will have assets worth 860 USD. A fantastic super rise is not it?

The sooner the better, the answer to the question “when should I start investing in the world of cryptocurrency?”. Then what should I start to start this investment? For questions like these, the answer is very dependent on many things. Like how you perceive risk, how much return you want to get, or how long you want to get results through this cryptocurrency investment.

But if you’re still hesitant, you can listen to what DigitizeCoin ( does. DigitizeCoin is a mobile app platform where they convert loose change into a digital asset. This innovation is quite innovative considering that during loose change is often overlooked by people who receive it because people tend to be lazy to accept or use loose change money (usually in the form of coin). Though the data says that in Australia on average each person each year loses $ 60 in loose change. If accumulated then the change in a year is $ 466 million per year.

Imagine, you shop at a convenience store, then when you pay you get coin money for loose change. Since you do not want to save coin money, you can change your money back into a digital asset. You just need to scan the available barcodes, and then the change you should receive has changed into a balance in cryptocurrency. Where the balance can someday increase. It can make your change as one of the revenue streams you have.

This idea will begin in some developing countries, especially countries in Central Asia. Where in the country most people still transact with physical money and have not been touched with electronic money. The good news is that DigitizeCoin is currently implementing Initial Coin Offering, a sort of crowdfunding to fund their company. For more information please check the link below:

Official Site:

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